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Joan's GF Greatbakes is a dedicated gluten free facility.  We are also peanut, tree nut and soy free.  We have many products that are dairy and gluten free and some that are gluten, egg and dairy free.

The History of Joan's GF Great Bakes

40 years ago, my eldest son was (mis!)diagnosed with Celiac disease. There were very few resources available in the early 1970’s. After many failed attempts at baking for him, I gave up. I used whatever was commercially available at that time. 

When my grandchildren were born, and exhibited the same symptoms, I dusted off my mixmaster and began again in earnest. After many years of baking and throwing out, I succeeded in developing an entire line of outstanding baked goods that are indistinguishable from wheat based products. 

My goal was to provide my grandchildren with all the foods that other children could enjoy. They had to look and taste like the real thing, because they were under the scrutiny of the most demanding critics, young children. 

Most importantly, they had to be not only delicious, but healthy as well. No preservatives are ever used, no trans-fats, and of course, no wheat or gluten. We also can accommodate dairy-free and soy free requests, whenever possible.

My products have passed many taste tests, but none as important as the all thumbs up response at a third grade birthday party in school!